Linux on Samsung Series 9 UltraBook

When I decided I want a new notebook, Samsung Series 9 was one of three on my list (other two are X1 Carbon and ASUS Zenbook).  I ended up getting X1 Carbon, but Series 9 came close.  It is a bit cheaper ($1250 at Amazon currently), has longer batter life, and it looks curvier.

The reason I got X1 Carbon is that Lenovo notebooks for the most parts have good track record with Linux.  Also, while I used Thinkpad before (T41), I have never touched Samsung notebook.  I was not sure if I could put Linux on it.  Well, look like Samsung Series 9 runs Linux just fine.

Over at Jos’s website seeing him putting SUSE on his Series 9.  Pretty much everything works, with the exception of an ability to detect if the notebook is on battery and to detect if the lid is closed.  I think Jos will figure it out eventually.


Lenovo X1 carbon vs. Samsung Series 9 vs. Asus Zenbook Prime


Three similarly spec’ed ultrabook comparison.   The prices were quite different at the time they were announced, but look like they all settle down at about $1250.  See spec comparison here