Some after-hour productivity with X1 – playing with andEngine to create Android game

I have X1 Carbon for a few months now.  While I use it here and there during work-hour, mostly doing web development, I also play with it after work.  My background is system-programming with C++ and some Java (I worked in financial information bus stuff) , so I miss them a bit, which is why I pick up developing Android game.

I use AndEngine, an excellent game engine that allows me to create two games in about month.  It is a word puzzle game.  There are more than a few word puzzle games already for Android, but I do my version anyway. The first game is called Word Drift.  It is a combination of classic game called 15-puzzle (the one that you have to move blocks of numbers until there are in order in a grid of 4×4) and a word search game.

The second one is based on the same idea, but it is less involving, simpler and I ended up like it more than the first one.  This is the one I’m posting the screen shot here.  It’s called The Wordest Puzzle.  Stupid name, I know 🙂


Basically, you have to move blocks of letter to form words.  The words must be at least 2-letter long, but longer words trigger combo and bombs.  You can keep the combo going by forming word with 3 letters or more.  You have about 12 seconds before the combo goes out, but if you submit word with 4 or more letters during that time, the combo timer is reset and you have another 12 seconds.  The longer the combo is activated, the more likely the bombs are dropped.

By the way, if the Android simulator takes lots of screen real estate.  It would be pain if not because the 1600×900 of the Carbon.  I guess my next notebook will be full HD.  My previous notebook lasted 8 years though, so that new notebook will probably bought in the next decade 🙂
Anyway, if you have Android phone, please give Wordest a try and any feedback will be very appreciated.