fixing graphic glitch on crunchbang 11

I wrote in previous post that while crunchbang 11 test image works on Lenovo X1 carbon, there is a small graphic glitch on the panel.  This is what I’m talking about.

Basically the icons are not completely drawn and part of the background that is supposed to be transparent, is not.

I just found out that  this is the result of the interaction between tint2 (the panel program) and Compositor, the program that add shadow and other eye-candy on the desktop.  Disable compositor completely fix the problem, but I like to have it enabled.  So, to make them work together is simply to run tint2 first, wait a few seconds, and then run compositor.

In another word, in the autostart file (~/.config/openbox/autostart), change the group start section from

nitrogen --restore && \
cb-compositor --start && \
sleep 2s && \
tint2 \
) &

to look like this

nitrogen --restore && \
tint2 \
) &

then add this line after that

(sleep 5s && cb-compositor --start) &

You can combine them into one chained statement but these two lines work for me when I tried so I leave them just like that.

The result is much better.


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